Pylon Wayfinding Signs

Pylon, plinth, and other freestanding wayfinding signs are often the first thing people see when visiting your site.
They should quickly identify and help visitors navigate to your business safely and stress-free.
Pylon, plinth, and freestanding wayfinding signage are also valuable opportunities to advertise your brand and business offerings to potential new customers.
With over 45 years of experience we can help you achieve these wayfinding signage outcomes. We conduct site surveys, measure viewing distances, take photographs from all pedestrian and vehicular approaches.
We then use this information to design the most suitable and functional signage for your site.
We also provide DA and Strata assistance, including advice on environmental considerations such as energy efficiency and recycling.
Please do not hesitate to call us if you require more information or assistance with your pylon, plinth, and freestanding wayfinding signage project.
Please call Peter Sachr on +61 411 191 111 for any
assistance with your pylon wayfinding signage.