Illuminated Crane Signs

Sachr Sign Co. is the leading illuminated tower crane signage company in Australia.
Our illuminated crane signage is fully engineer designed, manufactured and installed specifically for tower cranes’ unique and demanding operating conditions and compliance with Australian Standards.
With our knowledge and experience in long-distance viewed signage, we can provide design advice for your brand to achieve its legibility potential both by day and night when illuminated.
On completion, we provide you with a copy of the  ‘As-Built’ production designs approved and certified by our licenced structural engineer for your company records.
We also provide visual presentations, assistance with DA, CASA, and Obtrusive Lighting reports and recycling advice.
Headquartered in Sydney, we have installation services in Perth, Melbourne and Brisbane.
Should you need any further information or assistance with your crane sign project, please call Peter Sachr.
Please call Peter Sachr on +61 411 191 111
for any assistance with your crane signage.