Illuminated Rooftop Signs

Sachr Signage is Australia's leading illuminated rooftop sign specialist. Our expertise allows us to design rooftop signs that achieve maximum long distance legibility while maintaining brand integrity - both during the day and when illuminated. We manufacture LED and neon illuminated rooftop signs, sometimes also called 'Sky Signs'.

Sachr Signage can provide dimmable illumination options for high density residential sites if requested. Our rooftop signs comply with the Building Code of Australia and the Electrical Wiring Code AS/NZS 3000:2007. We include our structural engineer's approval and certification costs for manufacture and installation in our quotations.

Symantec Skysign

LED and neon illuminated logo and letters

Aecom Skysign

Halo illuminated fabricated aluminium letters

Citigroup Skysign

Exposed neon illuminated fabricated letters

Starcity Skysign

Exposed neon illuminated fabricated letters

Nortel Skysign

LED backlit face and halo illuminated letters

Hotel Nikko Skysign

Exposed neon illuminated fabricated letters

Citrix Skysign

Black by day, LED illuminated white by night

Four Seasons Skysign

Exposed neon illuminated fabricated letters

At Sachr we have learned that clearly understanding a clients’ needs is essential to delivering successful signage. The first and most important thing we do is talk to you. We like to find out exactly what you want your signage to achieve. We can then use our expertise to help you implement this signage.

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