Freestanding Pylon & Plinth Signs

Pylon, plinth and monument signage use an independent freestanding structure to hold and display the signage. With over 56 years of design and manufacturing experience, Sachr Signage provides expert advice on best illumination techniques, materials, and manufacturing selections to build the support structure ideally suited to display your signage.

All visual and structural design work is completed in-house to ensure full compliance with Australian Standards, the Building Code of Australia (BCA) and the Electrical Wiring Code AS/NZS 3000:2007. Please don't hesitate to call Sachr if you require any further information or assistance with your pylon, plinth or monument sign project.

Bayer Pylon

Aluminium pylon with custom illuminated letters

Timor Embassy Plinth

Granite plinth with etched and 3D graphics

Hitech Remedial Pylon

Fabricated ACM blade plinth with 3D graphics

Tradies Pylon

Directional Plinth with LED message sign

Washington Park Pylon

Recycled timber structure with illuminated logo

Castle Hill Centre Sign

Illuminated cabinet with stainless steel letters

Australian Golf Club Pylon

Curved aluminium plinth on a sandstone base

Four Seasons Plinth

Granite plinth with cut through backlit letters

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