Neon, Flexineon and LED

Sachr Signage has extensive experience in designing and manufacturing traditional neon and unbreakable LED flexi-neon signs and artwork. We can advise you of the best option in traditional glass neon or LED flexi-neon for your signage project. Our experienced neon, and LED flexi-neon designers complete all designs and layout artwork in-house.

All our work complies with the Building Code of Australia (BCA) and the Electrical Wiring Code AS/NZS 3000:2007. Our neon and flexi-neon signs use the highest quality materials and are designed to be energy efficient and recyclable. Please don't hesitate to call us if you require any further assistance with your neon sign or neon art project.

Carlton Crest Neon Sign

Exposed neon fabricated metal logo sign

Gelato Neon Sign

Fabricated structure with exposed neon

Neon Art - ANZ Bank Tower

Neon Art Installation. ANZ Bank Tower

Players Lounge Neon

Wall mounted neon sign with protective cover

Traditional Neon Signs

Neon signs

Retail Neon Signs

Neon signs

Flexineon building illumination

LED Flexineon awning illumination

LED Neon Flex Sign Illumination

New LED flexible and unbreakable neon

At Sachr we have learned that clearly understanding a clients’ needs is essential to delivering successful signage. The first and most important thing we do is talk to you. We like to find out exactly what you want your signage to achieve. We can then use our expertise to help you implement this signage.

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