Environmental Policy

Sachr Signage recognises that it has a direct responsibility to our environment. It is our strong belief that by reducing our environmental footprint we contribute to the future wellbeing of the planet and all its inhabitants. We are aware that production, installation and maintenance of signage and related products can attribute to pollution of the environment.  We actively monitor our environmental impact, conduct research and introduce our clients to sustainable and economical signage manufacturing practices, materials and energy-efficient types of signage illumination.

Sachr Signage constantly encourage our suppliers and contractors to follow our example. At Sachr we share community concern for conservation of the environment and seek to protect air, water and soil from contamination through our operations. We constantly strive to achieve this goal and treat with care all materials that may cause pollution, minimise and recycle material waste, monitor Government initiatives and local sustainability campaigns, support market mechanisms for conservation and careful use of our energy resources, recycle superseded signage.

To achieve our sustainability objectives, the policy of Sachr Signage is to ensure that all our employees and management are aware of their environmental responsibilities.  Sachr Signage monitors compliance at all levels with Government regulations and guidelines, we conduct our own and monitor external research into the best ways of minimising pollution and material waste.  We consult with Government, the community, other organisations, employees and professional bodies on the range of environmental issues related to signage industry’s operations and its environmental impact.

Sachr Signage Works with customers and contractors to encourage responsible use and recycling of signage-related products and encourage and favour suppliers who bring to our attention new environmentally friendly products and materials. Sachr Signage is committed to minimising our environmental impact and is continually working on reducing it. Maintaining sustainability has become an integral part of our business strategy and our operating practices. All our employees and management are truly committed to protecting our environment.

At Sachr we have learned that clearly understanding a clients’ needs is essential to delivering successful signage. The first and most important thing we do is talk to you. We like to find out exactly what you want your signage to achieve. We can then use our expertise to help you implement this signage.

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